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Pet care professionals in Kinross

A place where your pets will be made to feel at home!

Comfortable and pleasant cat and dog boarding facility

Broomhill Kennels & Cattery is a professionally maintained pet boarding facility located in the peaceful and idyllic town of Kinross in rural Perthshire. Our pet boarding facility is purpose-built with heated accommodation for cats and dogs. It comes highly recommended by the local veterinarians and has been given the animal boarding establishment licence.

Your pets will be cared for and lovingly attended to by our carefully selected staff and the vets are available on call 24 hours a day if required. Your loved and pampered pet will continue to be treated as an individual the way it is used to and not as just one of the pack. This also means that if your pet is used to a specific diet, exercise regime or has medication to take, we will be happy to ensure this is followed while they are under our care. Our staff is trained and experienced in administering medication, including daily injections if necessary. We offer to collect your pet and drop them off again.

Our daily rates
Dog boarding - £14.95
(Labrador size or smaller. Larger dogs can be taken in at a slightly increased daily rate)
Cat boarding - £9.95

Pet boarding visits and inspections are welcome by appointment between 1.00PM to 3.00PM. For more information please reach us on 01577 840 348 or 07730 539 258 or email at kennelboss21@outlook.com.

You will be interested to know that our team also includes an experienced dog breeder. Read more about his journey in breeding and training.
Customer testimonials
Comfortable boarding

Comfortable boarding

We supply individual beds and bedding for our furry guest but please feel free to bring some of your pet's home comforts such as a favourite stuffed toy or a comfy blanket, if you would like to. Separate accommodation is available for nervous and sensitive dogs.
Daily exercise

Daily exercise

Dogs are walked twice a day on flexi-leads. They are walked individually rather than being placed unaccompanied in a paddock to ensure that they know they have our undivided attention and care. Cats are given an exercise run with toys and scratch poles and are treated to a lot of cuddles by the doting staff.
Dog Whisperer

Our junior team

A special mention to the juniors who shower our furry guests will unconditional love and care.


Eve, my daughter, or the Baby Dog Whisperer as our regulars know her, is now a big girl and is training hard. We make quite a good mother-daughter work team! Just like me and my mother, she has an unbelievable way with animals. She is often seen sitting in the kennel with dogs on her knees, giving them all her love and attention and getting more of the same in return. Sometimes she even asks if she can sleep in the kennel with her furry pals! Bless!


And there is Duncan who is now 16 years old. He got his first puppy Devon on his 7th birthday who he totally adores!

Cutting Remarks - by Val Smith

“Oh please, could you trim little Fido.
He hasn’t been combed for a week. 
He’s got a few knots round his bottom and perhaps
Could you clip round his feet?”

Now Fido’s a black cocker spaniel and quiet and peaceful
At that, but his feet are ruddy great soup plates
And his bottom resembles a mat.

The standard says “ears long and silky”
I wonder if Fido knows this.
For his are a three inches width ways
To thin them would surely be bliss.

His chest and his tummy are matted
With felt you could use on your roof
And his legs could grace Nelson’s column,
But he’s loved, and that is the truth.

His teeth could do with de-scaling
A flea! - and my heart gives a lurch and look at those nails,
I wonder if they’re best on a bird on a perch?

So I try to trim Fido to make him as nice as my own,
But four hours later I give up! He’ll have to be cut, is the groan.

Now Fido’s mistress is coming she’ll see all the work that I have done.
The ears - no longer like footballs and now you can tickle is tum!

You’ve cut him too short” she yells!
“I’ve entered him in several classes tomorrow
In the show at Builth Wells!”
Broomhill Kennels & Cattery is a cat and dog boarding facility in Kinross run by friendly and reliable pet care professionals.

Call on 01577 840 348 or 07730 539 258 or email us at kennelsboss21@outlook.com

We are only 30 minutes from Perth, Dunfermline, Stirling, Edinburgh Kincardine and Fife, which makes us very accessible.
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