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You can enjoy your holiday knowing that your cat will be given the special care it needs and deserves at Broomhill Kennels & Cattery.

Cat boarding and care centre in Kinross

Our cattery was completed at the end of 2001 and is designed to comply with the Feline Advisory Bureau specifications for cat boarding. The setting up of a cattery was a lot of work but we are proud and totally pleased with how it has turned out and are pretty sure that our feline guests love it too!
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Boarding and comfort

The cattery has a pleasant atmosphere with classical music playing in the background. Potted plants and bright decorations are used to provide visual stimulation for the cats and keep them interested in their surroundings.

Each cat gets to enjoy his or her own roomy pen which is suitably furnished with its own sleeping pen to make them feel comfortable and welcome. The pen also includes an exercise or play area and contains toys and scratch posts. We have double glazed windows above each sleeping platform that look out into the garden and encourage the cats to pursue their favourite hobby of watching the outside world!

During the colder months, we have an oil-fired Rayburn that provides central heating and hot water through the building and during the summer we use air conditioning to keep it comfortably cool.
oil-fired Rayburn

Individual care and attention

Cats are discerning, stoical and sensitive animals and can easily suffer in silence. So at Broomhill Kennels & Cattery we consider it to be of utmost importance that their care is entrusted to patient and knowledgeable staff. We make an extra effort to make sure they are eating well and are not in any distress and happy and content with their stay.

We feed our feline guests with good quality dry food such as tuna or premium cat food. If your pet has a favourite snack, do get it along and we'll make sure he or she is treated with it regularly.

If you would like to have a look around, do give us a call on 01577 840 348 or 07730 539 258 for an appointment or email us at

Please note that cats from the same family may be housed together.
Broomhill Kennels & Cattery provides spacious and comfortable cat boarding and sitting in Kinross.

Call us on 01577 840 348 or 07730 539 258 or email us at
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